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Through the Year in my back garden
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The month of November was dominated by extreme weather conditions. We had strong winds early in the month which brought down a huge branch of the willow tree. No damage was done but it took a long time to clear it all away. Towards the end of the month, temperatures dropped bringing heavy frosts. Finally, on the last day of November, it snowed!

November 2010

Broken Willow 12-11-10 Willow after storm 12-11-10 Willow after storm-2 12-11-10 Garden  View 12-11-10 Hypericum seeds 21-11-10 Viburnum Tinus 21-11-10 Willow lichens 21-11-10 Willow lichens-2 21-11-10 Frost on Foxglove  28-11-10 Frosty leaves 28-11-10 Frozen pond 30-11-10 Oak with snow 30-11-10 Snow 30-11-10 Snow on Willow  30-11-10 Snow view 30-11-10 Snowing 30-11-10
General View August 2010