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Through the Year in my back garden
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Allium 2-6-11 Allium 15-5-11 Bluebells (Native British) 23-4-11 Bluebells 19-4-11 Corncockle 24-6-11 Cowslips & Primrose 15-4-11 Cowslips 8-4-11 Garlic mustard (Jack-By-The-Hedge) 15-4-11 Garlic mustard (Jack-By-The-Hedge) 19-4-11 Geranium (Johnson's Blue) 5-6-11 Geranium (Patricia) 5-6-11 Grape Hyacinths 15-4-11 Helichrysum (Golden Baby) 24-6-11 Honesty 15-4-11 Honesty 19-4-11 Kidney Vetch 5-6-11 Lily of the valley 15-4-11 Red Clover 26-6-11 Sweet Rocket (Hesperis Matronalis)  7-5-11 Yellow Corydalis (Yellow Fumitory) 24-6-11
General View Spring 2011

Spring 2011

This year I have several new plants in the garden. Most were chosen for the purpose of attracting bees and butterflies and to add colour and variety. A few new plants appeared all by themselves and are interesting new additions. Some have come from packets of mixed wildflower or cottage garden seeds which I scattered last year and had no idea what would appear!

Along with photographs of new plants I have included more pictures of some of my favourites.

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